Continue to get benefits

5 Stars

My wife continues to have success with use for RA.

Tim T. | January 21, 2022

Excellent service and product

5 Stars

Service is incredible. Product is 10 .

Kelly D. | January 20, 2022

Less Joint Pain

5 Stars

I used ZanthoSyn in a clinical trial for 3 years...and noticed that I rarely felt knee joint pain which I used to feel daily. I stopped for 3 months after running out and to see what would happen. Knee pain came back within 2 months. I'm so glad I found this online to continue...and within a couple of weeks, no knee pain. Thank you!

Patti L. | January 19, 2022

Always excellent

5 Stars

always promt, professional and helpful

Jean T. | January 19, 2022

So Far..So Good!

5 Stars

I recently started taking ZanthoSyn ..about a month and a half ago..and it seems to be working for me..for some minor aches and pains in my legs and it seems to be helping me with some back ache spasms I was having before I started on this product. Hopefully..this ZanthoSyn will continue to help me to stay in Good Health...

Sharon K. | January 19, 2022

ZanthoSyn review

5 Stars

I use this to help keep me healthy. I've been using astaxanthin for awhile and find this version makes me feel better overall. I find, as I'm aging, taking the right supplements makes a difference. Zanthosyn is for me.

Colleen S. | December 22, 2021

Zanthosyn order

5 Stars

I've been taking Zanthosyn for awhile now on a daily basis and was relieved to see it available to order again.

Sandra N. | December 18, 2021

Good stuff

5 Stars

Helps joint pain!

M D. | December 5, 2021


4 Stars

i am suffering from PMR and i am using Zanthosyn to help me lower and stop using prednisone . i think it is making a difference.

DAVID R. | December 4, 2021

Less Joint Pain

5 Stars

I was in the clinical trial...supposed to be for 2 years but the week that I ended it, COVID happened. Continued to use ZanthoSyn for another year and a half until supply stopped. In the 2 years, my knee joints stopped aching. My knees had been bothering me over 10 years prior to this clinical trial. I stopped taking ZanthoSyn to see what would happen. About a month later, my knees started acting up again, pain happening when walking more than 5k a day. I decided to order it and take it twice a day as I had during the clinical trial. After a few weeks, no pain again.

Patti L. | November 27, 2021

ZanthoSyn review

5 Stars

I use it daily for my health!

Colleen S. | November 21, 2021

Zanthosin for everyone

5 Stars

Helps with pain and over all health.

Lauzanne F. | November 21, 2021

Not sure of effects

5 Stars

I am really not sure but my Cardiologist suggested I use it over a year ago so I have.

Lynley H. | November 21, 2021


4 Stars

I'm taking this for my arthritic knees. I think I've had some benefit, but not dramatic. I'll keep taking it.

Roger E. | November 20, 2021

A Key To Sustainability

5 Stars

I grew up playing all kinds of sports, but my favorite was always tennis. After 55 years of tennis, including 15 years as a tennis (teaching) professional, I estimate that I've run after and hit literally millions of tennis balls. The net effect (pardon the pun) is that my joints have taken a toll. Decades ago, I'd take aspirin, then switched to ibuprofen, just to cope with the pain I'd experience after playing tennis. After learning about the long-term side effects associated with taking NSAID's regularly, and researching the benefits of astaxanthin, though, I began taking Zanthosyn daily, about 15 years ago, at the advice of a long-time friend (and worthy tennis opponent).

I had knee surgery in 2006, while I was still coaching tennis part-time, and I believe astaxanthin aided my rehab process. I still play competitive tennis 3 times per week, and Zanthosyn helps me recover. I'm skeptical about any single product being a "silver bullet", so I'm not saying that Zanthosyn is a cure-all, but it definitely works. I'm a believer in a holistic approach to health, which is why I am careful about my eating, drinking, and sleeping habits, as well as my mindset. I also stretch every day, use sunscreen, and cultivate my relationship with God, which affects well-being in so many ways. Zanthosyn has been an integral component to the lifestyle I seek to maintain, and as such, I consider it a key to long-term health, in a sustainable fashion. It's well worth the price.

Jerry H. | November 19, 2021

Heading for 100

5 Stars

I'm 82 years old. I've been taking ZanthoSyn for longevity since reading an article in 2017 telling how it activated the FOXO3 gene in mice, causing them to live the equivalent of 100 years.

I believe that ZanthoSyn has activated my FOXO3 genes...and done so much more.

I started with one a day, then moved to two several months later, and four a year later. I noticed little anti-inflammatory effect until I reached four, and then it was only mild. I did begin growing hair on my arms again at four a day.

In January 2021, I moved to eight pills a day, 96MG, equivalent to the amount given to the mice. This was life-changing.

I couldn't lift my right arm up parallel to my shoulder. Now I stick it straight up, from both front and side, with no pain.

I had neuropathy in both feet and could feel nothing. Today feeling has returned 100%.

I had fallen more than twenty times, so fortunate to only gash skin and break a few fingers. I have my balance back, and haven't fallen for nearly a year.

Hair continues to grow on my arms, and now on my chest, which, like my arms, was hairless for several years. There's more hair on my head.

A year ago, I developed sciatica in my left leg, with excruciating pain from my butt-cheek to my toes. I started hot-laser treatments about the same time I increased my ZanthoSyn dose to eight. Today I only rarely have pain, and only in my lower leg.

I'm gaining muscle. My mind is clear.

Life is good.

I owe most of this to ZanthoSyn.

Kioni D. | October 25, 2021

#1 in Inflammatory Pain Relief

5 Stars

As a psychiatric mental healthcare provider, I can't say enough positive things about Zanthosyn. For 3 years I've used it for neck/head pain, from advanced cervical arthritis (in the neck). I get complete pain relief at 5 caps daily. After taking naprosyn for a decade and beginning to get cardiac side effects and disabling pain if I missed a dose. Now, my heart is stable and pain is non-existent. I've also lost 15 pounds and haven't had my annual upper respiratory illness in the past 3 years. My cholesterol and my BP has normalized. I teach my patients about astaxanthin's benefits and encourage them to use it to target metabolic syndrome, a complication of psychiatric medications as well as the pain from inflammation. One of my female patients who has Fibromyalgia was able to come off pregabalin once she started taking Zanthosyn and her pain relief is superior without any side effects (which was the reason she wanted to get off pregabalin, e.g., mental fog, forgetfulness, sedation and dizziness). One of my male patients with Type 1 diabetes was able to reduce his daily insulin requirement by 75% and come off an insulin pump. The tremendous benefits of astaxanthin you can read about on this website, I won't go into them here. Without Zanthosyn, I would not be able to work and I might have died of a heart attack had I continued to use naprosyn for my pain relief. I am very very grateful to have Zanthosyn in my life.

Wailua B. | October 24, 2021

Great service

5 Stars

The product helps me so much. I highly recommend it.

Linda W. | September 29, 2021

Endorsed by Dr. Terry Shintani, MD, JD, MPH

5 Stars

My confidence in Zanthosyn from Kardax stems from Dr. Shintani's finding that it is much better absorbed by the body than the BioAstin brand. He also cautioned against from purchasing Zanthosyn from GNC after that retailer was acquired by an entity from China. I take several supplements daily and am unable to isolate the effects of any single supplement.

Claire N. | September 19, 2021


5 Stars

Love it, been using for a number of years.

However, I miss my bottle of 90!

Adele S. | September 12, 2021


5 Stars

This is the Best Supplement for aging any joint pain! I'm a 75 year woman get to the gym everyday plus lots of hiking walking

Without any pain!! Just Love this Product.

Please Keep the Shelves Stocked! It's a Winner!!

Trudy S. | September 4, 2021


4 Stars

Good. But usually take two per day. I have pain in hands in the morning. But fine most of the day. I'll continue to use this product

Jack C. | September 3, 2021

Zanthosyn is great

5 Stars

Use Zanthosyn to keep inflammation low and it seems to work.

Raleigh A. | September 1, 2021

too easy

5 Stars

it was easy to make a purchase . i will order again soon.


DAVID R. | August 31, 2021

Zanthosyn online

5 Stars

I've been taking many supplements, of which zanthosyn is one. I believe this helps me live a lot better life. Particularly given these uncertain times. Life is a challenge since issues associated with aging abounds. This supports my body all around. Thanks for a superior product!

Colleen S. | August 26, 2021

Good product

5 Stars

Good product and the Zanthosyn order came the next day in the mail..

Van S. | August 26, 2021


5 Stars

Too early to tell if it's making much difference on my arthritis or other inflammation.

I'm giving it 6 months

Roger E. | July 31, 2021

Excellent product

5 Stars

I have been using ZanthoSyn for several years and after fracturing my ankle several years ago, I am now able to walk several miles a day including hills. It's wonderful stuff!

Ann L. | July 28, 2021

Great product, excellent anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant!

5 Stars

Great product, excellent anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant!

Mark H. | July 7, 2021

I'm very satisfied!

5 Stars

Began using the product about year and half ago on the advise of a Nurse Practitioner. Using it has made a huge different in so many ways, I can't limit to one. On the few occasions where I stopped using it I noticed the difference again. I am very satisfied!

Kaipoholialani K. | May 26, 2021

very satisfied

5 Stars

always excellent! Thank you. I've used asta, original name, for decades

Jean T. | May 23, 2021

Easy ordering. Wonderful product.

5 Stars

Works so well as an anti inflammatory. Also works as a bit of a digestion aid after greasy meals

Max L. | April 5, 2021


5 Stars

loves your skin

Jean T. | March 25, 2021

Works very good.

5 Stars

Works very good. I have no stiffness in my fingers a lot of our mail carriers use this would recommend it to everyone

Dessa B. | March 18, 2021

For allergy and RA

5 Stars

Itching and arthritis..... very good results. Will contiue to use it as an anti inflammatory.

Tim T. | February 19, 2021

working great for inflammation

5 Stars

have been using for some months now and have felt the difference.

Deborah H. | January 29, 2021


5 Stars

Excellent product. Noticeable pain and stiffness relief

Mary D. | January 19, 2021

RA relief and now antiaging

5 Stars

My wife uses this product faithfully for RA as she uses her hands as a

sewing and craft person. If relieves her discomfort and she can continue her activities. Thank you Cardax!

Tim T. | January 19, 2021

Doctor recommended

5 Stars

So far great. Order and delivery is better, faster, and cheaper than amazon.

Allan N. | December 26, 2020


5 Stars

I've found that without using this product, my pain increases dramatically in my knees! The pain will occurs almost nightly and just when I'm about to doze off. I take four capsules a day.

Amy N. | December 23, 2020

Perfect Service Product

5 Stars

This is a life saving concoction that keeps my blood sugar under control. This is essential for me as a Diabetic.

SOPHIA B. | December 18, 2020

great product for inflammation

5 Stars

Works after loading in the first week and then staying on a maintenance plan daily.

Deborah H. | December 16, 2020

Great product

5 Stars

I've been having joint pain for several months and after starting ZanthoSyn, the pain subsided the next day.

Christopher H. | December 6, 2020


5 Stars

10 years of constant debilitating pain has subsided significantly after two months of use, it is really remarkable. I am very thankful for this product and for your company making it available. I fully recommend ZanthoSyn for debilitating pain from neck injuries.

Evan F. | December 4, 2020


5 Stars

Yes, I've noticed a considerable reduction in my pain occurrences. Without it, the pain from my chronic injuries occurs more often and with great intensity. I highly recommend Zanthosyn. I'd like to add that the staff are very helpful.

Amy N. | November 24, 2020

great product

5 Stars

wonderful for inflammation and Cova protection

Deborah H. | November 14, 2020

The very best for inflammation

5 Stars

Take it everyday and it helps to keep me pain free

Raleigh A. | November 5, 2020

Great dietary supplement

5 Stars

This product has helped lower my A1C. Love it.

Creighton C. | October 18, 2020

Excellent service

5 Stars

Couldn't ask for more. Prompt, accurate. Pleasant!

Jean T. | October 4, 2020


5 Stars

It reduced the swelling of my injury greatly. I was able to reduce the intake of Rx on pills. My only gripe now is that because of a recent financial fallout, I had to switch to a cash payment, which has either delayed or stopped the recent order.

Amy N. | August 22, 2020

Janice has been really nice to deal with!

5 Stars

Using daily - two of us - on recommendation of our doctor, James Lumeng. Also heard Mr. Watumull give a talk on product. Our doctor appreciates the purity of a synthetics product.

Charles W. | August 19, 2020

Good work!

5 Stars

Been taking asta for over 30 years. Feeling fine.

Jean T. | July 23, 2020

Great dietary supplement

5 Stars

I've been taking ZanthoSyn for 12 months now. I noticed my blood test is improving gradually. My A1C was at 8.6 about a year ago. After I started ZanthoSyn is improved to 7.3. My next test it was 6.7 and the most recent test it dropped to 6.1. If my next test gets below 6.0 maybe my doctor will get me off the pills.

Creighton C. | July 18, 2020


5 Stars

I have been taking this medication for 18 months. It helps with energy and wound repair.

Dee K. | July 6, 2020

Fantastic product

5 Stars

This product has lessened my arthritic wrists and thumbs over the last year, will continue to utilize it as long as I can swallow.....

Ted H. | July 5, 2020

Excellent product

5 Stars

My cholesterol was very high several months ago. I restarted taking ZanthoSyn and had my cholesterol checked again in May. My doctor was astounded at how the number came way down. I believe the ZanthoSyn was a big factor in those good results. No need for statins I was told! My husband and I will be taking ZanthoSyn for a long time! I can't tolerate anti inflammatory drugs and so ZanthoSyn has been my savior because I have arthritis and that's why I started taking it a couple years ago. It has really helped with pain and inflammation. We are very grateful for this product and will use it the rest of our lives! Thank you!

Marianne B. | June 8, 2020

So far, so good

5 Stars

So far, so good

Jocelyn G. | June 6, 2020

Good for the skin

5 Stars

Been drinking this since it was just asta from the Big Island. Good for you.

Waiting for my next shipment

Jean T. | June 4, 2020

Good have been using for

5 Stars

Good have been using for about 2 years seems to help

John A. | May 25, 2020


5 Stars

With one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening, my joints are pain free. Thank you so much!!

elizabeth r. | May 17, 2020

Great dietary supplement

5 Stars

Zanthosyn has brought down my A1C and I'm very happy with it.

Creighton S. | April 20, 2020


5 Stars

This must be the purest form of natural Astaxanthin! I felt the Zanthosyn in my system almpost immediately! Amazing

V E. | April 16, 2020

ZanthoSyn is a great supplement for Seniors and/or Athletes

5 Stars

As a senior (over 60 years old), I use ZanthoSyn as a ""preventative"" (for arthritis and joint aging) and also for faster recovery after vigorous activities or exercise. I know for a fact that many marathon and triathlon athletes use astaxanthin for recovery and that's how I was introduced to it. ZanthoSyn is a pure form of astaxanthin, which is a great anti-inflammatory without the negative side effects of drug store products and that is why it is part of my daily regimen.

ARNOLD K. | February 28, 2020


3 Stars

Unfortunately I had to stop taking it as I was breaking out in purpura on my arms and face. When I stopped taking ZanthoSyn the bruising stopped.

Joyce F. | January 6, 2020

Excellent product

5 Stars

Easily tolerated with no side effects

Kheng S. | January 3, 2020


3 Stars


I have recently started using this product. I am on a 4 capsule regiment and have not seen any results that i can notice. I am my 2nd bottle. I know that the results are not going to happen overnight. I just want to know when i can expect some results. I'll have to order another 2 bottles to keep up with the regiment i am on.Thanks

Clyde H. | December 1, 2019

Great stuff!

5 Stars

My husband falls a lot. I noticed that his bruises and scrapes heals so much faster. He seems to have more energy too.

Katherine K. | October 31, 2019

Great dietary supplement

5 Stars

My A1C was down almost 1 point from 7.0 to 6.0. Even if I changed my diet by eating less carbs and less sugar the number was a welcome change.

Creighton C. | October 25, 2019

I felt that taking this

3 Stars

I felt that taking this supplement helped me recover much quicker from my intense workouts and I also noticed a difference when stooping down to lift up pots and pans from the lower cabinets..... less stiffness in my knee joints.

beverly h. | September 30, 2019

prevention best protection

5 Stars

Seems to help with inflammation and heart health. At 66, I prefer not to visit the doctors office or rely on prescriptions so include ZanthoSyn with my regular supplements.

EDWARD C. | August 8, 2019

Relief in Indiana

4 Stars

It has been good. I take 2 a day and I have seen some improvement in my skin condition called lichen plants. The flair up in my plaques has decreased

cheryl t. | July 29, 2019


5 Stars

I never write reviews but am totally happy! I have been to physical therapy and acupuncturists and chiropractic and massage therapy and the gym and stretching but nothing helped very much with my rotator cuff tendinitis. I began taking zanthosyn 3 weeks ago and the pain is barely noticeable. So so very happy GNC recommended this for inflammation.

Briana H. | July 24, 2019


5 Stars


Francis H. | July 22, 2019


5 Stars

ITS AMAZING! I am an athlete and always have issues with inflammation this product has reduced by 80%! After a week or so it really kicks in. I take two per day with a little healthy fat. I ran out last month and after a few days the old pains and inflammation returned. Its a great product and I will not be without my ZANTHSYN!!!!!!! Thank you CARDAX CORP

Francis H. | June 9, 2019

Amazing. Love it.

5 Stars

I no longer need to take gabapentin 600 mg TID because I am now taking zanthosyn only. I love it

Leah G. | May 4, 2019

Anti inflammatory

5 Stars

I believe that due to ZanthoSyn I have decreased my inflammation markers.

Antonia L. | February 23, 2019

Amazing anti-inflammatory

5 Stars

I was having difficulty with pain in my ankles when I awakened in am, it would improve during the day but no resolved. After taking ZanthoSyn for 1 week I noticed when I awakened, and had to take the dog out, walking down the 1.5 flights, was no longer painful. I also noticed that the pain in my right shoulder post rotator cuff repair was no longer there. I am amazed. I have started my husband on this once daily and he has less c/o pain. He is a retired firefighter, and continues to work construction with less joint discomfort.

Mary M. | January 16, 2019

Very Good

5 Stars

Very Very Good

I've been using it for 6 months

It works great

Mark B. | November 9, 2018

Ended NSAID meds and feeling great!!

5 Stars

A year after shoulder surgery, I'd had enough of my NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Stomach aches and bloating got worse and it was inevitable I'd be prescribed yet ANOTHER drug....aka vicious cycle. So I was fortunate to read (Midweek mag) about your astaxanthin and the science done at JABSOM. And with the resent volcanic eruptions, the idea of taking a more controlled pollutant-free anti-inflammatory supplement made all the sense in the world. I now take Zanthosyn daily, usually with some buttered toast or with a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese. The bonus is that I don't get sunburned and my wrinkles have faded better than any cream I might've spent a week's pay on. (Oh btw, thanks for that too.) All my best to the Zanthosyn team and keep up the great work!

Lianne I. | October 19, 2018

Amazing product

5 Stars

We take 8-10 Zanthosyn a day and recommend it tour patients. We are finding Zanthosyn is excellent for reducing and eliminating opioid dependence.

Elizabeth R. | July 24, 2018


3 Stars

I feel somewhat improvement in bladder control, especially in holding longer with no drip, however, I'm continuing in taken two capsules daily for lessening frequency.

Benson A. | July 16, 2018

Perhaps too early.

3 Stars

I take 7 different meds and really can't isolate an affect.

Eldon F. | July 10, 2018

great results

5 Stars

Helps with my inflamation and pain...

Carolyn M. | June 22, 2018

So far, so Good!!

5 Stars

My son, husband, and I are all using the ZanthoSyn for healing liver, lowering cholesterol, and keeping down inflammation. We've started using this product recently, but, so far, my joint and muscle pain has been greatly reduced! Looking forward to my next blood test to see how the cholesterol looks. My son's fatty liver and thyroid levels are returning to normal, and I'm sure the ZanthoSyn has helped! Great product! I've been recommending to friends and family! Thank you!

Marianne B. | June 18, 2018

Review for inflammation of joints.

3 Stars

Can not tell any difference in the joint pains

Mary S. | June 11, 2018

So far, so good......

3 Stars

So far there seems to be some improvement in my lower back pain due to inflamation.

Tom F. | June 6, 2018

I have 8 different prescriptions

3 Stars

I have 8 different prescriptions which may cloud my perception, but I didn't have a real noticeable effect from taking it.

Eldon F. | May 10, 2018

It's wonderful!

5 Stars

My husband takes two zanthosyn daily and it helps his arthritis knee pain. It really works. I take it too and it helps my back pain.

Michele s. | March 15, 2018

Daily pain relief

5 Stars

Very satisfied. I take it to alleviate shoulder pain and increase mobility.

Stephen R. | December 15, 2017

So far has helped with

5 Stars

So far has helped with the arthritis in my left thumb. My husband says it's helping him. We will continue taking the product.

Shirley B. | December 9, 2017


3 Stars

After 2 weeks, I can't be sure of the effect on me. I'm hoping it will reduce my osteoarthritis pain. My current dosing is low, and I'll increase it if I see no significant improvements.

Jack D. | December 8, 2017

No noticeable difference

2 Stars

I did not notice any changes in the pain or swelling in my hands.

David P. | October 28, 2017

Doing much better.

5 Stars

Excellent, I believe in the research and also in my own body which has less chronic inflammation symptoms.

roy v. | October 21, 2017

ZanthoSyn is a great product!!

5 Stars

Being a former professional athlete and taking anti-inflammatory medication to help with pain throughout my career I didn't realize the potential side effects, especially long term effects of anti-inflammatory medication. I now can honestly say that I am very fortunate to have been introduced to ZanthoSyn. I have definitely noticed a difference in joint pains in my knees, feet, hands, and hip areas from the long term effects of playing ball. Inflammation is what leads to a lot of serious issues as we age. ZanthoSyn as been a game changer for me!

Matt A. | October 10, 2017

Take one every day!

5 Stars

Great! Love this product!

Pamela H. | October 10, 2017

51 and Feeling Good

5 Stars

I am starting to get inflammation in my knees. I swim every day and walk 12 miles a day. I know when something is working and this supplement works. I take with yogurt. Happy I found it.

William A. | October 3, 2017


5 Stars

very pleased with this supplement.

Judy S. | September 26, 2017

knee problem fixed

5 Stars

I had knee surgery three years ago and have been suffering ever since, especially up and down stairs. I finally am ably to do this pain free after taking Zanothyn. Im actually thinking about starting to run

Peter Q. | September 26, 2017

While I like the product,

3 Stars

While I like the product, it is a bit indigestible. Despite the fact I eat it with plenty fatty food, I keep "repeating" the product.

Bernardo V. | September 26, 2017

Four capsules a day and my wife's arthritis pain in her knees and legs is simply gone.

5 Stars

Going to bed at night with arthritis pain, then waking up in the morning to the same issue was demoralizing. We learned about ZanthoSyn, first from friends who had experienced wonderful results, then from a bit of independent study. We quickly figured out that one 12 mg capsule a day was an arbitrary dosage limit attached to countless over-the-counter dietary supplements by the FDA. We were absolutely convinced of ZanthoSyn's safety at higher dosages. After allowing some time to get the product into her system, my wife started some experimentation. She found that two capsules in the morning and two at night combined to be the dosage she needed. For all intents and purposes, she's been pain free ever since. No side effects. She's 70 and a bit of a human dynamo. She was just starting a new professional career. She didn't need arthritis inflammation screwing things up. Thank you, Cardax!

Bradley B. | September 1, 2017


5 Stars

Its good n I feel better

Fe A. | August 30, 2017

I am taking 4

5 Stars

I am taking 4 too 5 daily. No change demonstrable.

Dr. A. | August 30, 2017

Amazing. Powerful. Everyone will benefit with taking Zanthosyn

5 Stars

Always beneficial. I feel the influence in one day. No pain. More ease of movement.

Elizabeth R. | August 30, 2017


4 Stars

Bioastin is a better value.

Surfer joe | July 29, 2017

Don't know

2 Stars

I have been taking Xanthosyn daily for at least a year. I have many health issues, so I don't know if it is helping me, or not.

Suzanne M. | July 26, 2017


5 Stars

I believe it is effective and will continue taking ZanthoSyn.

Claire F. | July 26, 2017

do not know yet

3 Stars

don't know yet...

tom w. | June 4, 2017

No effect

2 Stars

I did not have any effect

Robin K. | June 4, 2017


5 Stars

Fantastic. I had a serious knee injury a couple of months ago, and Zanthosyn has really helped to keep the inflammation under control.

richard a. | June 4, 2017

zanthosyn: nutrient for the gods

4 Stars

my experience with zanthosyn started out well, with your special operator named JANICE providing excellent service. this woman's performance was a tour de force in professionalism, politeness and good business etiquette. it was certainly a pleasure to come across such a well-trained representative like JANICE in today's often shabby business world. if she doesn't win the trip to hawaii as top employee of the 2nd quarter, then an injustice has occurred. realize the 5 star nature of this woman JANICE and begin the series of pay boosts to make her compensation approach her tremendous value to your company. thank you JANICE for your superb service!

John E. | June 3, 2017


3 Stars

Too soon to tell

Milton M. | June 3, 2017


5 Stars

ZanthoSyn works miracles for my body. It helps with my anxiety and I feel great!

Elizabeth S. | June 3, 2017

No Side Effects! Great results.

5 Stars

I have been using ZanthoSyn for several months now to address chronic lower back and hip pain. I am allergic to NSAIDs. I have no issues with the Zanthosyn and have found it to be very effective for the hip and back pain. It also helps with minor shoulder pain after swimming. I have not had any detectable side effects. I take 60mg daily at night after dinner.

William S. | June 3, 2017

Can't tell that it makes

3 Stars

Can't tell that it makes any difference at all.

Wendy B. | April 13, 2017

Zanthosyn purchase

5 Stars

Excellent, in terms of its ability to aid recovery from intense workouts. It now looks like it has the added benefit of activating FOXO3 as well!

richard a. | April 11, 2017

This stuff works!

5 Stars

I've tried different types of astaxanthyn over the years, and Zanthosyn is at least as effective, and without any of the ""side effects"" I experienced with the others.

Jerry H. | April 10, 2017

Neck & Back pain

4 Stars

Good to Excellent, depending on the day

STEVE V. | April 2, 2017

Inflammation is down big league!!

5 Stars

great- felt a difference after a week of use. My inflation is 1/2 of what I had before. Awesome awesome product!

francis H. | March 30, 2017

ZanthoSyn Feedback

4 Stars

So far, so good. Here's to products that improve quality of life, as well as longevity!

Randall W. | March 29, 2017


4 Stars

I do not know if the supplement is working as it should, but I have not had anything advere happen so I feel good about taking it.

Claire F. | March 27, 2017


5 Stars

I appreciate how easy it is to order it.

Robin S. | March 27, 2017

Helped my knee

5 Stars

Enjoying it, recommended it to my family.

Cheryl B. | March 24, 2017

My order came quickly

5 Stars

My order came quickly, much appreciated

Alan H. | March 23, 2017

Helps against the aches and pains

5 Stars

My first time writing a review like this. Began talking to treat some pain in one of my feet. Much to my amazement, it worked almost immediately.

Also experienced a sense of well being from time to time. Now on my second bottle and have recommended the product to others.

HELPS for the aches and pains of us guys in their 60's.

Andy | March 17, 2017

my opinion

5 Stars

could not have been better

Harvey K. | March 14, 2017

Good for Everyone

5 Stars

My endurance has increased. Love this product....So many benefits without side effects!

Katherine E. | March 4, 2017

Zanthosyn purchase

5 Stars

Excellent! No issues with taking Zanthosyn at all.

richard a. | February 27, 2017

ZanthoSyn use review

5 Stars

terrific, no after taste like all other asthazantin products and the science speaks volumes for the therapeutic value for any inflammatory destruction of cells.

richard r. | February 27, 2017

Product Review

1 Star

I have had no change in symptoms.

Dr. A. | February 17, 2017

Still helping

5 Stars

I think this is an excellent product and am very happy with the way it has almost eliminated hip pain that I've had for 40 years. Thank you Team Zanthosyn!!!

William S. | February 12, 2017


4 Stars

No opinion yet.

Paul F. | February 7, 2017

What I think of ZanthoSyn

5 Stars

Good. Helped me reduce my pain level.

Douglas M. | February 1, 2017

Hopeful but not sure

4 Stars

I do not know what signs to look for to see if the product is helping me especially since I am taking several new supplements. I take it as prescribed as I believe in the content.

Claire F. | January 28, 2017

Excellent product!

5 Stars

This supplement has really done wonders for me. I use it for pain and inflammation in my knees, hips and ankles brought on from a lot of hiking and it really works. No more Aleve or Advil for me, this stuff does the trick. I recommend it highly!

Brad M. | January 28, 2017

Super Pill

5 Stars

Ive been taking astaxanthin since 2000. I am now taking one pill vs. two 12 mg of the other brand daily.

Sesnita M. | January 19, 2017

Indespensable for good health

5 Stars

Lives up to its claims

Nicholas M. | January 9, 2017

40 year old Gym Rat

4 Stars

Wanted to try something different from fish oil because it seemed to give more pain in the wrists. Started taking ZanthoSyn about three months ago. In the past I would suffer from soreness/inflammation in the joints after heavy lifting and would persist throughout the days. I figured this was something I would have to get used to because i wasn't going to stop lifting heavy, so I started wearing braces on heavy lifting days. There was a 3 month break from the gym before taking ZanthoSyn. I started ZanthSyn and going back to the gym at the same time. I haven't worn any braces and lifting heavier than before, and I haven't felt any pain or soreness like in the past. It's kind of amazing but I'm going to stop taking it for a while to make sure it's not anything else and will leave another review later.

kevin r. | January 7, 2017

Total pain relief after 10+ years of daily NSAIDS

5 Stars

I'm in my 4th month of Zanthosyn and take 4 caps a day now for a month. For over a decade I have suffered from arthritis in my neck and required 600 mg of Naproxen daily to be able to function. If I missed one day of the Naproxen, I was disabled with intense headache, neck ache and nausea. I would no longer be able to function. I no longer take Naproxen and my neck pain has not returned. What a blessing. I've also lost weight slowly, now 10 pounds lighter. I never want to stop using Zanthosyn!

Wailua B | January 2, 2017

Feedback on ZanthoSyn

5 Stars

I feel its alright. I was taking Bioastin and I really can't tell the difference. Perhaps, if I stop taking it, I may feel the differnce, however, I dont' want to stop it for I may develop some aches and pains. Overall, I feel good.

Katherine K. | January 2, 2017


5 Stars

great product, no fishy aftertaste. Much greater absorption rate for effective use

richard r. | December 26, 2016

too early

3 Stars

only one month of use so can't really see measurable effects yet but certainly hasn't caused me any harm. Maybe feeling a bit more energy and less aches after my 2 mile runs but really need another month to know what is real and what is placebo. Went from one pill to 2 a day a week ago and think I'm feeling more energy from that.

thomas e. | December 22, 2016

great product

5 Stars

I am now a 4 month user of ZanthoSyn. I suffer from osteo-arthritis in both knees and require total knee replacements. I can walk down stairs normally (not one step and a time). I am looking forward to the results at 6 months! And, plan to postpone surgery.

faith l. | December 19, 2016

BioAstin vs. ZanthoSyn

5 Stars

I used BioAstin for over 5 years before switching to ZanthoSyn, and wondered if my experience (which had been good with BioAstin) would be as good. I've had no ill effects whatsoever, and have found that I can take less with comparable benefits.

Jerry H. | December 19, 2016

May take more time for effecacy?

3 Stars

Haven't experience any noticeable improvement yet

John K. | December 16, 2016

ZanthoSyn Works!

5 Stars

ZanthoSyn is an excellent supplement for overall health and well-being. In addition, I am experiencing improvement in my vision and skin condition and a reduction in joint inflammation. I strongly recommend it to all my friends.

Fred J. | November 25, 2016

Possibly Effective

4 Stars

I am not sure if it is working but I continue to take it because I know that it has an essential ingredient. I believe I shall know more in about 2 to 3 months.

Claire F. | November 24, 2016

What this baby boomer needed

5 Stars

I am 60 and have played tennis competitively for over 45 years, half on hard courts. I've also done various martial arts, and have more recently added serious weight training and cardio work 5-6x a week. Having read the medical literature on astaxanthin, I started taking it - I like the complete anti-inflammatory properties with no side effects. When Zanthosyn came out, I switched due to the better bio-availability which makes the cost per absorbed milligram the best around. I am taking two with each meal - important to take with food for best absorption. The results are so good that I bought around 8 bottles to give to friends who are also exceptional athletes. Hopefully those of you who begin using the product will not expect it to reverse years of wear and tear in your body overnight. I look at it as protecting me on a large scale and cellular level. It is good stuff. If people only knew how important inflammation is to so many diseases, I think zanthosyn would be on the kitchen table of every family. I find it sad that just today, a study came out on Celebrex, saying it really is just as safe as ibuprofen and naproxen - saying it is good news for people taking anti-inflammatory medicines. The fine print is that naproxen is linked to gastrointestinal bleeding and ibuprofen is also linked to high blood pressure and kidney problems. I am one who has done my own homework and have not left the decision up to big pharma.

David | November 13, 2016

Taking 2a day. . Paresthisiae

5 Stars

Taking 2a day. . Paresthisiae and leg pain disappeared. I am suggesting for selected patients, based on their tendency to favor natural supplements and aversion to pain Medication and .nsaids. I direct to website for info and to order.

Howard K. | November 5, 2016


5 Stars

After several weeks of using ZanthoSyn I decided that it is helping me. As I was experimenting with several new supplements I was not sure which one was effective. So I stopped Turmeric because of side effects and decided that ZanthoSyn did help me with my pain and joints. I did increase it to 2 capsules but went back to 1 because it was affordable that way. I recently started an autoship with your company--1 bottle every 2 months--as it fit my budget.

Claire Y. | October 27, 2016

ZanthoSyn review

5 Stars

great product, no fishy taste.

richard r. | October 27, 2016

Continue to be happy with ZanthoSyn

5 Stars

Continue to be happy with ZanthoSyn

William S. | October 26, 2016

Everyone Should Buy ZanthoSyn

5 Stars

Everyone Should Buy ZanthoSyn

Gary A. | October 26, 2016

Insufficient time to review propertly

4 Stars

I've only used for a couple of weeks. I haven't experienced anything different. I know the item is good for the body and that's why I take it.

Paul F. | October 22, 2016


3 Stars

We are going to try a second bottle to give it time for results but currently we cannot tell that it is doing anything.

Cheri K. | October 20, 2016


5 Stars

Now that I've taken Zanthosyn for more than a month, I have noticed improvement. When I get up in the am I am able to move quicker and better!!! I expect that I will feel even better after two months (cross your fingers)

faith l. | October 19, 2016

No changes

2 Stars

So far haven't noticed any improvement using this for knee tendinitis and low back pain

James B. | October 17, 2016

High purity allow higher dose per capsule

5 Stars

The high purity permits a high dose to be in a single capsule. Much better than taking multiple capsules of lower purity, lose dose alternatives. Would have liked it if the web site showed a picture of a capsule to know what I should expect to see in the clear capsule since there is a non-uniform appearance of the contents.

George W. | October 17, 2016

The Power of Synthesis!

5 Stars

My wife and I were both taking another brand of astaxanthin. The idea of an anti-inflammatory with no side effects was almost too good to be true, especially for my wife who suffers from arthritis and doesn't easily tolerate stomach pains and the like. Then I learned that you folks were about to introduce a new form of

Bradley B. | October 12, 2016

Terrific product

5 Stars

This product represents a major breakthrough: They have identified and isolated the relevant anti-inflamatory compounds from the thousands of compounds that exist in "natural" astaxanthin, and therefore increased the bio-availability of the active compounds by 3x-6x. Much better and safer than NSAIDs or other anti-inflamatory products.

Robert R. | October 11, 2016

No real change

2 Stars

Again not a discernible change in my joint pain...

James B. | October 11, 2016

Lowered heart rate. Excellent!

5 Stars

I've been taking one capsule in the morning and one at night. It's only been a month, and my heart rate is at least 10 point lower, and the only change is I am now taking ZanthoSyn. I am going to stop for a week and see what happens. My wife has been taking it and her joint pains have gone away. My wife wants her own bottle. I am upping the monthly bottle subscription to 2 per month. ZanthoSyn is awesome! Love it.

Ian K. | October 10, 2016

Enhances endurance and performance

5 Stars

I've been using Zanthosyn 1 capsule twice a day for about a month. Just finished running a half marathon, finishing time was faster than I've run in years and was 1 in my age category. Use of Zanthosyn was the main variable compared to my usual routine, I'll continue to use as part of my training regimen.

Jon R. | October 8, 2016

Want to know more about all the benefits it has.

5 Stars

The small capsules are easy to swallow. I am treating sciatica with it. I am taking 4 capsules twice a day, at least trying to. But I also use a homeopathic product parallel.

Holger G. | October 5, 2016


5 Stars

Probably better absorption and serum blood levels of astaxanthin compared to the standard formulations. I'm taking ZanthoSyn at slightly less than 50% of the dose of the another widely used formulation and my impression is that I am getting more of an effect. Hopefully Cardax will do more studies comparing the equivalent doses of Astaxanthin with other formulations.

Fred S. | October 4, 2016

I just started using this

5 Stars

I just started using this product 3 days ago not long enough yet to determine any results

darlene m. | October 1, 2016

Virtual immediate joint pain relief, no kidding! Also, no longer having leg cramps.

5 Stars

I have had persistent pain in my right hip for more than 30 years since injuring myself in a fall. The pain has prevented me from sleeping on my right side. After the first dose of ZanthoSyn, I noticed a difference in the pain and after two weeks have essentially no pain and can sleep on my right side without problems. I've also been bothered by leg cramps almost every morning. Since starting ZanthoSyn, I have had NO leg cramps. Very pleased with the results.

William S. | September 27, 2016

ZanthoSyn use review

5 Stars

feel great, no fishy taste as common with the other Asthozantin products

richard r. | September 22, 2016

excellent-efficient-arrived the next day

5 Stars

excellent-efficient-arrived the next day

Robert L. | September 21, 2016

my experience

5 Stars

excellent customer service - I received the product in one week. It may be too early to tell if it is helping me, but I believe it is. The swelling in my knees is reduced!! I've taken ZanthoSyn for two weeks.

faith l. | September 13, 2016

Love it

5 Stars

Great results, feel better and stronger after only 1 week

Joseph F. | September 10, 2016

Good for Joint Pain

5 Stars

Helps with joint pain from working out.

Daniel R. | September 10, 2016

this stuff is 3X stronger than BioAstin for the same price

5 Stars

kind of early for me but my wife has had significant pain reduction in her hip after trying all kinds of remedies. I highly recommend ZanthoSyn

Scott M. | September 9, 2016

Off to a good start

5 Stars

Very good, after about 2 weeks of use my training for upcoming mountain climbs and marathons is going well re: better performance and faster recovery time.

Jon R. | September 7, 2016

Excellent Results

5 Stars

It took about a week or so for me to feel results but when it kicked in I definitely felt a general improvement in my health and well-being and also some improvement in my sore knees and joints in general. Looking forward to additional improvements as the product settles into my systems.

Fred J. | September 6, 2016

Great product!

5 Stars

My order was processed quickly and I starting taking the product right away. The capsules are very easy to swallow and don't have an odor like other astaxanthin products. Very happy.

David W. | September 2, 2016